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You know when people tell you to relax and it just frustrates you more? So sorry beforehand, but yes: RELAXING helps. The connection with our mind and stomach is unbelievable. Do what destresses you: yoga, hiking, long baths, reading. It sounds like bs but it's worth trying for all the bs we deal with when dealing with UC. Now onto the details of what I found worked: For the smell: I keep poo-purri spray in my purse and a small box of matches. PooPurri for before and matches for after. To muffle sound, the fan is all I have been able to find that helps. Cottonelle Aloe & E Flushable wipes are a UCrs BFF! They clean you up nicely and are very soothing, I buy the bulk size :) Keep an eye on your diet. I do intermittent fasting to give my digestion a break.

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