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Top 5 supplements for PCOS - the What & Why

Inositol and PCOS – an ally in B-ing pain-free The family of eight B vitamins is vital to the health and well-being of our bodies. They are the building blocks of a healthy body, controlling energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Inositol, sometimes referred to as Vitamin B8...

Breaking down the top 5 supplements for Crohn's

Probiotics and Crohn’s – partners against GI distress Did you ever wonder why they are called probiotics? Is it because they offer a lot of pros to people who supplement their diets with them? While there is no doubt probiotics are beneficial in maintaining a healthy gut, what do they do ...
Ulcerative Colitis

Top Supplements for IBD

Knowing you are stuck with a disease or condition that can drastically change how you live is intimidating – to say the least. Staying up late searching Google can drive you mad. Searching through pages and pages of results to determine which are legit and which are just someone’s random o...

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Please tell me I don’t have to use steroids. What are my other options?

A lot of doctors offer one solution for treating psoriasis – steroids, steroids... and did we mention, steroids? Though they can help relieve your symptoms, they also come with their fair share of issues. These topical creams can change your skin pigmentation, cause you to bruise easily, t...

Aside from birth control pills, what else helps PCOS?

When it comes to treating your PCOS symptoms, your doctor has probably offered you two treatment options – combination birth control or prescription medications. Both remedies can offer some relief, but they’re not always ideal. Combination birth control uses both estrogen and progesti...