Top Teas for PCOS

We're here to spill the tea on Top Teas for PCOS. You mean you could just sip all your symptoms away? Let's dive in and see. 

Tea has been found to have incredible healing powers when it comes to certain symptoms that come with PCOS. But are all teas created equally? Here are some top teas for PCOS broken down for you:

Organic Fertility Tea

PCOS is like a thief in the night. It sneaks in and steals our ability to ovulate. Without the necessary tools, our ovaries refuse to produce and release eggs with regularity. No eggs, no babies. Struggling with PCOS-induced infertility is depressing. Some of us have gone to great lengths to improve our chances. We inject ourselves with Clomid and metformin, go through intense rounds of In Vitro Fertilization, all in the name of motherhood. With this tasty organic fertility tea, you can ditch the drugs and pour yourself a cuppa instead.

Drink it three times a day for the first 10 days of your cycle for the best results.

Helps with: “Fertility Problems”, “Irregular Periods”

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Spearmint Tea

Ladies,  growing hair on our legs is normal (and easy to remove with a good waxing). Growing a full-on mustache – not so much. Women with PCOS know the struggle of growing hair in unwanted places. It’s one of the many unpleasant side effects of our condition. Before buying stock in a shaving club product, check out this organic spearmint tea. Spearmint’s reputation for wrangling unwanted testosterone helps keep hairy issues at bay while cheering on those ovaries to do their thing. This tea is a tasty way to solve two common PCOS problems in one daily cup.

Helps with: “Excessive Hair Growth” , "Fertility Problems"

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Women’s Tea

Bada-bing, bada-boom, this tea does two amazing things in just a few sips each day! Not only does it tame those ovaries and get your cycle back on track, but it might just clear up some of that acne, too! Our hormones control so much about our bodies, including how our skin looks and feels. When you have PCOS, irregular periods, oily skin, and acne are a persistent trifecta of no fun. If you’re tired of your period is kicking your ass, drink 2-3 cups of this raspberry elixir daily to help get your body back in sync.

Helps with: “Irregular Periods”, “Oily Skin”, “Acne”

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Yogi Team – Woman’s Raspberry Leaf

PCOS is harsh enough without adding unforgiving products to your daily care routine. Sure, we could opt for pharmaceuticals and hormonal treatments designed to drag our ovaries off the sidelines and into the game. But why go to such extremes when there is a more delicious solution? PCOS makes it difficult to get reproductive cycles in sync enough to support a healthy pregnancy. Some women with PCOS swear by the effectiveness of drinking just 2 to 3 cups of this raspberry-flavored treat daily. Not only can it encourage regular cycles, but it also may reduce the pelvic pain associated with irregular bleeding.

Helps with: “Irregular Periods” ,“Fertility Problems”

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Written by: CureRate

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