Staying healthy while working remotely

If you want to succeed in any career, you must prioritize your health and wellness. And when you work from home, it can be especially challenging to maintain a healthy rhythm that helps you keep your work and personal life thriving, especially if you suffer from a chronic condition like Chron’s or PCOS.

Not only is it more tempting to work longer hours than if you were in a traditional office setting, but the lack of coworkers can lead to loneliness and other drawbacks. Consider these tips on how to optimize your health and well-being as a remote worker:

De-Stress Your Workspace

Let’s start with your home workspace. No matter what type of work you do, you need an office that reduces stress and facilitates comfort and productivity. Dealing with chronic pain adds to this necessity. One strategy is to make sure your home office provides plenty of light.
If possible, set up your desk by the window to get natural light flowing in, which can boost productivity and mental health. And if you need additional lighting, find a quality desk lamp that uses LED bulbs.

You also want to invest in any technologies that can help you succeed day-to-day. If your Internet connection is holding you back, consider upgrading to a faster speed. And research the many tools on the market that can help you stay organized, collaborate with others, build your social media presence, etc. It’s also critical that you stay healthy as a remote worker. If you suffer from chronic back pain,
it’s imperative that you look for an ergonomic chair that supports your spine during long workdays. And ensure your desk allows you to work on your devices without putting too much stress on your tendons and joints.
Mind Your Diet
Another essential part of succeeding in remote work is developing a healthy routine. Start by evaluating your diet. Are you eating lots of processed foods, saturated fats, and empty carbs? Are you drinking several sugary beverages each day? Opt for foods that will boost energy and benefit your long-term health. It’s hard to beat lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts for an all-around nutritious diet. And swap out a couple of your sodas and juices for water so that you can stay hydrated and avoid sugar

Stay Fit
Many people assume that working from home means it is easier to get into a workout routine. After all, you have more time. The reality, however, is that exercising consistently requires time and commitment no matter where you work. Research online and try a few physical activities until you find something you enjoy doing. There are plenty of quick at-home workout plans and movements that you can incorporate into your daily life. Start by going for a run or Byrdie suggests trying a HIIT regimen, both of which can give you an impactful workout in a short amount of time.

Establish Work Hours
Most remote workers struggle with establishing a boundary between their work time and personal time. But you must distinguish the two to stay productive and happy. Figure out your most productive hours, and set work periods throughout the day. Clock out and focus on your
personal and home life when your work hours end. Making the most of a remote work career means that you must figure out a routine that keeps you productive and healthy, especially as you cope with a chronic illness. Consider the tips above to start coming up with a plan, and keep looking for other ways to set yourself up to flourish in the years ahead. It won’t take long for you to start reeling in the benefits of the healthy changes you're making!
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Written by: EleanorW

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