The skinny on PCOS-related weight gain

Deflate that (PCOS) spare tire with these natural alternatives

Fewer things in life are more cringe-worthy than a well-meaning individual gleefully celebrating your happy occasion. The problem is, you’re not pregnant. Can anyone say awkward?

There are many reasons women gain abdominal weight that can be difficult to shed. PCOS is one of them. Failing to address PCOS-related weight gain in the right way will lead to frustration and failure. Women with PCOS can exercise and restrict calories until they drop, and it may not help with weight gain because they have not addressed the underlying hormonal imbalance.

Up, and up, and up (the scale) goes, where it stops, nobody knows

Exactly what is it about PCOS that makes it so easy to gain weight? Put simply, it’s the sugar, baby. PCOS makes us insulin resistant. Up to 95 percent of us are found to be obese insulin resistant, which means we overproduce insulin. Too much insulin affects ovulation and prompts the ovaries to make too much of the male hormone testosterone. When the female body produces more testosterone than it needs to function, it can worsen PCOS symptoms and lead to excess body fat. The more fat you have, the more insulin your body produces. It’s a vicious cycle.

These hormonal imbalances, coupled with insulin resistance and inflammation, make it incredibly difficult for us to shed unwanted pounds. The more insulin resistant we become, the more difficult it is for our pancreas to produce enough insulin to move glucose out of our blood and into the cells. Not only does this cause obesity, but it also can lead to the development of diabetes.

Fear not, ladies. All hope is not lost. We’ve got the skinny on the best ways to rid yourselves of that stubborn spare tire so people will stop offering to help you decorate a baby nursery you don’t actually need.

Whittle that middle with these super solutions

There are prescription medication solutions for PCOS symptoms, including the hormonal birth control pill and Metformin. Ladies looking for effective natural alternatives may want to consider some of these solutions instead.

  1. My-o-inositol! How thin you look! - Myo-inositol for Weight Loss

    When it comes to PCOS, Myo-inositol is a super supplement to include in your daily regimen. Not only is it great at tackling acne and bloating, but it shows promise in improving insulin sensitivity. Getting insulin under control is one of the best chances that women with PCOS have of encouraging the pancreas to move insulin into the bloodstream, where the body can use it for various functions before excreting the rest.

    Find top-rated myo-inositol supplements here. Rated & reviewed by the PCOS community. 
  2. Ah-mino-acid relief for PCOS weight gain - L-carnitine for Weight Loss
    L-carnitine, an amino acid found in meat, may help rid your belly of that stubborn hanger-on fat. One study of 60 overweight women with PCOS who took 250 mg of this supplement daily revealed they lost, on average, 5.9 pounds. It works by helping to boost metabolism and stabilize insulin production. Hormone imbalances cause us to overproduce insulin, which eventually leads to insulin resistance. Pairing L-carnitine with Myo-Inositolproduces even better results since both supplements are known to tackle insulin resistance.

    Find top-rated L-carnitine supplements here. Rated & reviewed by the PCOS community. 
  3. Fill yourself with Fiber instead - Fiber for Weight Loss

    Thanks to hormonal imbalance, you can add digestive issues to the laundry list of symptoms PCOS causes. High-fiber foods help combat insulin resistance. Eating more fiber also helps you feel fuller longer by modulating appetite and energy intake.
  4. Don’t be deficient…in magnesium, that is - Magnesium for Weight Loss

    Magnesium deficiency is a real sitch for us. As the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, it is responsible for some major processes, including insulin production and glucose signaling. We already discussed that insulin resistance is the leading cause of obesity for us. Magnesium is essential in your pancreas being able to produce appropriate levels of insulin. Not getting enough of it is a recipe for weight gain disaster.

    Find top-rated Magnesium supplements, rated and reviewed by the PCOS community here. 

The skinny on PCOS-related weight gain

There is no argument about the fact that PCOS sucks. It causes a lot of unpleasant issues for women. Stubborn pounds that take up residence in our abdominal regions are just one of them. You do not have to take it lying down – or while wearing pants that are three sizes too small. There are natural solutions to help shed unwanted weight. Consider adding a few of them to your daily regimen for the best results.

Find more supplements that help with weight gain for PCOS here. All rated & reviewed by the PCOS community. 

Written by: CureRate

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