What helps PCOS hair loss?

PCOS is bad enough without adding hair loss to your list of symptoms. And then it happens. Hair starts shedding. You find yourself counting hairs in the shower. You hope it slows down but no slowing down is in sight. Is there anything to do aside from counting strands and trying to put them back in your head? Good news: there is! Bad news: It can take at least 3 months to see any kind of improvement. But what's three months? Let's start with must-haves for slowing down shedding and encouraging hair growth:


Iron for PCOS hair loss

Check your iron levels and make sure you're not anemic. This will only accelerate hair loss. Iron helps promote healthy hair growth. And it's so easy to increase. Eat more iron-rich foods and take a good iron supplement. Even better if that iron supplement is in liquid form so your body can easily absorb it. 


Collagen for PCOS hair loss

This is key. Up your collagen and you'll slow down hair loss and promote healthy, strong regrowth. Collagen can come from collagen-rich foods, supplements, or powders. Powders are great (especially this one) because you absorb them the fastest. Just add a few spoonfuls to your favorite morning drink and consider yourself all set. Avoid mixing it with caffeine as it cancels out the effect of the collagen. 


Saw Palmetto for PCOS hair loss

Stabilizing your hormones is key. After all, that's the reason PCOS sufferers have hair loss. The hormone imbalance. Taking Saw Palmetto has helped many PCOS hair loss sufferers slow down their loss. It's known for  reducing the uptake of DHT in hair follicles, which is a top reason for hair loss. Including it in your daily care routine can help regrow lost hair and prevent future hair loss.


Biotin for PCOS hair loss

The number one ingredient in most hair supplements is Biotin.Hair is made up of keratin and Biotin makes the keratin framework stronger, strengthening hair from within. It's known to speed up hair growth and also helps with skin and nails. You can even find it in shampoos! But ingesting it as a supplement is a faster way to get it in your system and reap the benefits. Some foods that are biotin rich? Eggs, oats, spinach, and bananas.


Omega 3

Yes for fish oil! You can eat salmon or white fish daily... or you can just take a high-quality omega 3 pill, reviewed by people with PCOS and watch it work its magic. Omega 3 promotes healthy blood flow. You'll need that to combat your hair loss and grow healthy hair back. 


Looking for more supplements to help minimize hair loss in PCOS? Be sure to checkout our curated products and supplements and read all the reviews left by PCOS sufferers



Written by: CureRate

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