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When it comes to pain of ANY kind, it's always worth taking the steps to find some kind of relief for it - your quality of life is important!! On the flip side, I've worked really hard on trying to adjust my thinking when it comes to the other negative side effects of PCOS - the two I struggle with the most are the excess hair growth, and my acne. I'm finally trying to better my skin more actively than I ever have in the past, but when it comes to my body hair, I've slowly been trying to learn how to embrace it. It's not easy, but I quit shaving my legs over a year ago and it's honestly been SUCH a relief. No more spending literal hours trying to shave my legs perfectly when it all grows back SO FAST. I didn't realize how stressed out I was about my body hair until I just... stopped. tl;dr - prioritize your comfort over whatever weird standards the world tries to put on us. that means taking a day off to schedule those doc appointments, and figuring out what it'll take to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, physically and mentally.

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