COVID-19 Story

I had it back in March. This virus is different in individuals but this was my routine. In the mornings I will take Vitamin C with Zinc (1,000mg). Then a shot of ginger with turmeric. I will eat fruit and vegetables. Lots of water! I will boil some water, squeeze two limes into my cup with some bit of organic honey and will drink it as hot as I could. I would have two cups of these when my chest will feel heavy. And then plenty of rest. Hot steamy showers will make my body feel less sore. I will play meditation music to keep me relax because it would be difficult for me to read or watch anything. I started to feel better towards the end of week 2 but I continued with everything I did for another two more weeks. Keep the faith and try to use coping skills that work best for you to bring down your anxiety. You got this!

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