COVID-19 Story

I got the virus and was actually hospitalized. The key thing though is I got “control” of the virus (took me a few weeks). It’s scary especially for us. How I beat corona on my own while on medicine that breaks apart my immune system. Vitamin C buffered 1000mg 2x per day morning and at night (buffered so it’s easier on the stomach) Vit D3ZINC!!!! Preventative and helps kill the virus Hydrate with: water (ph balanced and electrolytes are better) add lemon and has to be room temp water/liquids. Hot tea- turmeric for inflammation. Can add honey and or fresh lemon. Any tea is fine but avoid caffeine if you are wanting to rest or are anxious. Hot water with 1/2 of fresh squeezed lemon (heat water THEN add lemon).HOT LIQUIDS AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN EVEN SIPS HELP. I felt better when I did it and the virus “dies” off w the heat they say. You may lose your appetite. It’s ok. Just try to eat healthy stuff for the vitamins Rest! NO ADVIL!!! Tylenol 1000 mg for head-pain and fever every 6 hours unless otherwise determined by your dr. Epsom salt bath - add eucalyptus oil for breathing. Then new comfy sleep clothes after and rest. Hydrate while in the tub w hot tea or room temp water. Pickle juice helps hydrate! Yup! And it helps w head pain and I even did a tablespoon of Braggs organic apple cider vinegar- sounds gross but it helped my head pain and inflammation. You can dilute it. Also is good for heartburn. Ice packs on head neck temples etc for headpain. Wild oregano oil - awesome for help fighting this Just put a few tiny drops on a tiny amount of olive oil as the oregano is potent Diarrhea may happen- hydrate more!!! Zinc lozengers are all also great. Really work! Pulmonary (lung) exercises VERY IMPORTANT! Deep breathes in and out through out the day. Hold breath for 10 seconds or so. Helps expand the lungs and get them going Pulse Ox is good to have on hand.

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